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Vella Scratch Mix

Vella Scratch Mix


Free Range Scratch Mix has been formulated for those who prefer a natural grain based diet to suit all breeds of layers from point of lay (18-20) weeks of age). Blend of grains & oil seed with a protein/mineral pellet that contains essential minerals & proteins to assist with bird health & egg production also reduces wasteful fines.

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General Information

  • Introduce to birds from 18-20 weeks of age
  • Intake varies from 95 grams – 110 grams per day depending on bird health & breed, lighting, housing, climate conditions and water supply
  • Can be blended with layer pellets to give variety to layers diet and further enhance mineral content
  • Fresh, clean water to be accessible at all times
  • Greens can be fed in conjunction with pellets
  • Older hens (>2 years) egg production will decline rapidly
  • Proteins – Contains Lucerne & Vegetable Protein Meals
  • High Energy – For egg production and growth
  • Mineral Pellet – Contains essential minerals & proteins to assist in bird health
  • Molasses/Oils – Light coating to enhance natural palatability and energy density
  • Natural Grains/Oil Seed – Varies the texture and flavours of layers
  • NO – added hormones or antibiotics used
  • Selgrit – Assists in shell production and strength
  • Lucerne Meal – Added to mineral pellet to enhance both protein and palatability as of 27th November 2017

Additional information

Weight 20 kg