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Prydes – EasiResult

Prydes – EasiResult



Just what you want in a show, equestrian and sport horse feed – cool, responsive energy and optimum coat condition.

  • Our tastiest feed yet – your horse will love it!
  • Cool feed for calm, responsive energy
  • Omega oils and quality protein for coat shine and muscle
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EasiResult® is an oat free sweet horse feed, scientifically formulated from extruded grains, oils and fibre to provide a well digested, responsive but ‘cool’ energy source without the ‘fizz’ providing a cool and calm horse feed.


  • Extruded Barley
  • Molasses
  • Vitamin and Mineral Pellet (millmix, wheat, lupins, faba beans, calcium phosphate, barley, Pryde’s trace mineral and vitamin premix for working horses, limestone, magnesium oxide, salt, dried molasses, cold pressed canola oil)
  • Extruded Sorghum
  • Lucerne Chaff
  • Extruded Corn
  • Millmix
  • Extruded Lupins
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Extruded Full Fat Soybean
  • Bentonite
  • Cold Pressed Canola Oil
  • Salt
  • Limestone
  • Vitamin E

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Weight 20 kg