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Lucerne Hay

Lucerne Hay


Lucerne (also known as alfalfa) is grown throughout Australia, for use as a green fodder crop for pasture or for conservation as hay, silage or as a dried ground product. Lucerne is a good source of vitamin A, K and E.

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General Information

High quality lucerne hay provides a natural and well balanced diet for your horse. It is a rich source of protein, energy, minerals, vitamins and long fibre so necessary for your horse’s proper digestion. The high protein content relative to grains makes it valuable in the diet of growing animals for the formation of muscle tissue. The high levels of calcium, phosphorus and sulphur rich amino acids results in the development of strong limbs. Fodder Lucerne hay is an ideal food for breeding programs.

For a mature horse, under light work conditions, lucerne hay can provide all of its average daily nutritional requirements. However, further energy may be required in the diets of animals under heavier work conditions, and for those growing or lactating. This energy is often provided by the addition of concentrated feeds, to the diet in the form of grains and oils.

It is important that horses have at least 30% by weight of roughage in their diet. Lucerne is therefore an important part of a horse’s balanced diet. As lucerne hay is a dry feed always ensure that an ample supply of clean drinking water is available.

You should seek the advice of your veterinary consultant when preparing a diet for your horse’s particular work regime.