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pony chaff mix

Pony Mix is suitable ‘as is’ for a complete ration for horses and ponies with a readily available source of quality pasture. Where grazing is unavailable, hay and chaff will be required to supplement roughage intake for at least 50% of the diet.



General Information

  • Mix ensures lower starch levels to provide ‘fizz free’, useable energy for horses and ponies in light to moderate work
  • Promotes topline and maintains condition while delivering essential vitamins and minerals
  • Canola oil and sunflower seeds combine to maximize coat condition as well as providing an alternative energy source
  • High fibre content encourages a healthy hindgut which in turn reduces the risk of colic prevalent in many ponies
  • Inclusion of molasses and canola oil ensures high palatability to eliminate wastage by picky eaters
  • Addition of lucerne and oaten chaff completes the mix for a balanced daily ration