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Oaten Chaff

Oaten chaff is widely used in horse and stud cattle rations and on occasion feedlot rations, although it usually becomes cost prohibitive to include in feedlot rations. Oaten chaff can be used in diets for breeding pigs, as a source of fibre. Only a small percentage would be required.



General Information

Oaten chaff is steam cut and dust reduced. It is an excellent source of roughage for horses, cattle sheep and goats. Oaten chaff is highly palatable and is ideally suited for mixing and feeding with grain and protein meal based concentrates. Mixing chaff with concentrates can help to slow the rate of feed intake and reduce the risk of rumen acidosis in ruminants and hindgut acidosis in horses.

With horses, cattle, sheep and goats ensure that new feed materials are introduced into the diet gradually building up the to the full daily allowance over one to two weeks. With chaff and concentrate mixtures splitting the daily allowance into two small meals per day rather than feeding the entire daily allowance in one single meal is recommended. Ensure animals have access to fresh, clean water at all times.