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Mitavite – Economix Active

Tried and trusted over many years, Mitavite® Economix Active® provides safe, cost effective nutrition for competition and show horses, working stock horses, pleasure horses and ponies and spellers in need of conditioning.



Steam extruded to unlock the full nutritional value of its ingredients, Economix Active® is fortified with oils rich in Omega 3 to provide cool sustained energy.

Unique Features of Economix Active
• Fully steam extruded complete feed
• Nutritionally balanced to support active horses
• Barley based to support performance, weight gain and condition
• Highly palatable for even the fussiest eaters

Choose Economix Active when
• Your horse or pony is in regular work or competition
• You need to improve your horses condition or topline
• You want a complete feed that provides a good balance of protein, energy plus essential vitamins and minerals